Friday, July 17, 2009

Gloom Doom Update

You know, I thought I was doing things right with TQBOAB, being playful and talkative and all that, and he was doing it right back. Today, I was sure, would be the day that one of us would ask the other to hang out sometime. But, of course, today is actually the day I found out he has a girlfriend. Naturally, I discovered this during an exceedingly patronizing talk about how to get involved romantically/sexually/whatever with other people from a friend (if you're sexy as hell and unnaturally outgoing, like her, though she doesn't seem to see that one), who also digs him. Damn.

Over the last two weeks, I had some nice, silly talks with Y when I came in during his shift; he lights up when I come in like a damn puppy (though he is just kind of puppy-like in general). Beginning of a beautiful friendship at least, right? Well, maybe, but he just left for a month and a half long tour with the band he's in. So, in short, the summer romance option is banished from the table with him.

I really wish this were good news.

Either way, I'll tell you about more people soon. My crush well, though certainly depleted, is nowhere near dry.

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  1. that sucks! it's always the ones with girlfriends that are relaxed enough to be super nice and friendly. damn paradoxes in crushing. hate it.