Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Quintessential Boy-on-a-Bike

On Friday, I met The Quintessential Boy-on-a-Bike (TQBOAB) while at work. He's new on the job, and we have overlapping shifts. A tall, scruffy, skinny blonde in his mid-twenties with a facial piercing (any guesses on how many times that at least 5 words from that phrase will be repeated in these writings?), he was under my watchful eye as he learned the ropes of the job. He quickly proved to be quite adept, and thus things were done efficiently and we were able to talk. TQBOAB is bright and amusing, and quick to laugh. He likes cream and honey in his coffee. He works for an organization that does bike deliveries. Though kind of one of those Philly hipsters with a bike, he still made me all gooey inside. And motivated me to finally bring my bike into the city (Well, he's not all that motivated me, but it was certainly the last big push I needed).

As the day wore on, we began to tease each other, and we started making gently dirty jokes about the work we were doing. Every time he saw me, he got a big, stupid grin on his face (though it could have been in response to the one I was most certainly wearing). In short: I think TQBOAB digs me, and I dig him right back. Stay tuned for more (like, when I next see him and he introduces his gorgeous boyfriend to me, as is bound to happen. Let's be realistic).


  1. this is making my life. tell me more. god i love you!

  2. dawwwwww. vicarious thrills. go. for. it. girl.

  3. Vicarious thrills indeed. I feel like a young giggling girl again! haha wait...I still am!