Sunday, July 5, 2009

In which I explain myself

As my friends and loved ones know, I like talking about the people I, to put it in very 3rd grade terms, like. For a very long time, I was ashamed of my tendency to slip these people at least once into every conversation I had; it seemed silly and shallow, and I winced at myself upon recalling the discussions later. However, I've learned lately to embrace this part of me. My fascination with my crushes comes from a larger fascination I have with the small details of the lives of everyone I know, which is a big (and in my opinion, positive) part of who I am and how I deal with other people. Also, I've been informed I can tell a good story.

And I like sex and making out and holding hands and hearing Weezer's "El Scorcho" in the back of my head every time that special someone enters the room. Mostly, I experience only the last bit, because I'm awkward and shy and oblivious when someone is coming on to me and I don't meet many new people (I have a litany of other excuses which I would be more than happy to review for you). But, none the less, I still love talking about the people who make me all ridiculous.

So, I will write about my crushes here. Some of them are the regular I-want-to-go-out-with-you-and-have-all-kinds-of-sex-and-ride-bikes-all-over-town sort of crush, the kind that could actually become something. Some are the kind that stem from extreme attraction, the kind that make me effectively into a person who has undergone a full frontal lobotomy. And some are the hypothetical kind, crushes on the married/gay/seriously taken/bosses who are still awesome and who I would be all over at another time, in another life. My crushes are mostly dudes (hence the title), but I have been known to dig a lady or two, and they will certainly find their way in as they come. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures, as that would be creepy and illegal. But I will try to paint a picture for you with my prose stylings.

Now, please join me, as I become a puddle of shy adoration (Amelie-style) all over the streets of Philly.

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  1. haha you do indeed remind me of the bean-sifting-through-fingers-Amelie type. Quirky, attractive girl, just walking through the city pondering "life"